2021 Harley-Davidson® Fat Bob® 114 in Rochester NH

2021 Harley-Davidson® Fat Bob® 114 in Rochester NH

2021 Harley-Davidson® Fat Bob® 114 in Rochester NH
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2021 Harley-Davidson® Fat Bob® 114 Overview

The 2021 Harley-Davidson® Fat Bob® 114 is a very mellow cruiser that has an “unswept” exhaust that’s finished in golden bronze. The bronze look has been popular on a few Harley-Davidson® bikes this year, but none wear it any better than the 2021 Fat Bob® 114. This gorgeous new bike available at The Harley-Davidson® Shop of Rochester is part of the reason that H-D® bikes are booming this year. Our brief review here is serving Rochester Dover Farmington Sanford customers with a glimpse into the world of the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Fat Bob® 114 in Rochester. You can make it your own today.


Good things often begin big, and the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Fat Bob® 114 is no exception. Its 150mm wide front tire is a big example of just why this one makes a powerful visual impact immediately. It features a Milwaukee-Eight®.

A Colorful Soul

The soul of the bike is in your color options. For some people, paint options are a natural benefit of owning a bike, but for others, your paint option is a near-religion. You want to get just the right one. There are three here to choose from Vivid Black, Deadwood Green Denim, and Billiard Red. The bike tends to run on the dark side, but the brighter Billiard Red is a really intriguing choice on the frame. It seems to bring out its devilish side.

Smooth Handling

The 6-speed transmission on the bike joins with the Milwaukee-Eight® engine to create a rumble of the ages. Wheels are Denim Black with structure cast aluminum and laser-etched graphics. Your wheels are beautiful and then the fat tires give you a solid grasp on the road that increases traction when you most need it. Many people want that firmly planted feel during every ride. Nothing gives you that grounded feeling like a Fat Bob® 114.

Race-Style Fork Tech

The technology and structure of a bike sometimes go unnoticed, but you definitely notice them once the bike is off and running. Race-style forks are a Harley-Davidson® tradition, and the Fat Bob® 114 benefits mightily from this technology in 2021. Your steering needs to matter. Thanks to the responsiveness of this type of design, you always get a quick response from your bike when you steer. Riding a Harley-Davidson® is about being in control. Even if everything else in your life is spiraling in unknown directions, the certainty of your bike’s steering response should be a given. The Fat Bob® 114 always makes you feel like there’s one area in life where you’re the boss.

The Harley-Davidson® Shop of Rochester

As a longtime dealership serving the Rochester area, we take great care of our bikes and customers. Harley-Davidson® doesn’t just create motorcycles. They create experiences, memories, and entire communities. The motorcycle culture has only grown stronger over the years as people have been able to connect with like-minded riders online. Your local dealership should always bring people together as well.

You’ll find us active in all our community events. Sometimes we sponsor them. Sometimes we just make sure a few of our folks attend them. Wherever there are H-D® bikes, we’re going to be there proudly representing. It’s one of our greatest honors in life to be present at any event where Harley-Davidson® motorcycles rumble on.

Supporting our community over the years has been great, but we love supporting our customers right here in person. That’s an everyday thing for us. When someone steps through the door with questions about riding or bikes, we’ve got a quick answer and a friendly face to greet them. It’s our wish for you that you find the bike that makes you the happiest, that gives you a sense of control over your environment, and that nets you a great batch of memories over the years. If there’s anything we can do to make your search for a perfect bike easier, please reach out to us.

Request more 2021 Harley-Davidson® Fat Bob® 114 in Rochester NH information

You’re welcome to contact our team at any time to ask further questions about the Fat Bob® 114. This mellow cruiser is ready to help you create some of life’s most pleasurable memories. Sometimes you have to take the handlebars in your own hands and decide on a direction. We highly recommend making your next direction straight into our H-D® dealership in Rochester. Contact us by phone or online today to learn more about this bike or our test rides.