2021 Harley-Davidson® Road King® Special in Rochester NH

2021 Harley-Davidson® Road King® Special in Rochester NH

2021 Harley-Davidson® Road King® Special in Rochester NH
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2021 Harley-Davidson® Road King® Special Overview

Harley-Davidson® touring motorcycles are for those who crave the scenic routes of America. They’re for the people who dream of something different, bold, and enduring. When the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Road King® special was announced in Rochester, we knew we would be serving Rochester Farmington Sanford Dover with a steady army of new Road King® Special models. There’s so many colors, accessories, and adventures to choose from that you’ll have fun just researching the model. Here’s our brief sneak peak into the heart and soul of the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Road King® Special in Rochester.

What’s New on the Road King® Special

The newest model from The Harley-Davidson® Shop of Rochester comes in three shadowy colors. The darker shades suit the powerful personality of the Road King® Special to a fine point. It comes in iconic Vivid Black, Snake Venom, and Deadwood Green, three colors that stray from the light and keep things on a more serious path. It’s this blank slate feeling with the Road King® Special that makes it such a popular bagger among H-D® fans and new initiates alike. Its hot rod attitude and custom canvas will have your head spinning with ideas on just how to make it your own.

Our dealership serving Rochester Farmington Sanford Dover is committed to helping you outfit the Road King® Special exactly the way you want to. Our entire team is here to help you accessorize and customize every inch of the model. And this is one that’s worth customizing thanks to its timeless Milwaukee-Eight 114 V-twin rumbler.

Special Features

The powertrain is the thing that really stands out to most fans of the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Road King® Special in Rochester. If you’ve got a thirst for power, it’s the ideal touring. Built to allow you to see eye-to-eye with any road you travel, its upright riding position gives you the perfect view of the road, while its floorboards are military-grade durable. The passenger seat is contoured to the body of your passenger so that they, too, can get in on the beautiful view. Saddlebags are one touch for a “command the road” feeling every time you grab a helmet or motorbike from your saddlebags. They’re extremely deep, too, giving you the perfect angle to grab your gear and get the show started right.


The bike features 9-inch tall mini-ape handlebars that are ergonomically contoured to the feel of your bike. Very few bikes allow you to mold yourself into them, but when you’re riding this one, it always feels like you’re riding with the wind. No motorcycle is “effortless” or “perfect,” but this is as close as it gets in today’s biker kingdom. The look and feel of the bike just flows with life in a way that makes you look forward to the next ride every time. Blacked out features are ripe for the customizations you have in mind.

Big Wheeler

The Road King® Special’s 19-inch front wheel and 18-inch rear aluminum wheels are from Prodigy, so you know you’re going to going to make a big entrance in every terrain you stride over. The wheels on this bike give you a sensation of entering a room to a round of applause. Everyone’s happy to see you. Everyone’s glad you made it. A rider’s imagination can take flight during every trek out thanks to these wheels. They give you the maximum torque and forward momentum to really squeeze every inch of power out of your Milwaukee-Eight engine.

Light Up the Road

Night time riding is a powerful experience on the 2021 Road King® Special in Rochester. That’s partially because of the blacked out headlight nacelle with a trim ring to match. Anything in your path is within your sight, but more than that, this is a beautiful look for anyone passing you in the night time. This motorcycle seems to glow in the dark with its personality and boldness. Night time riding is also a more illuminating experience thanks to features like high-performance suspension design and adjustable rear shocks. You can decorate the Road King® Special at will, bringing your own personality into every angle of its already memorable style. At night, you’re certain to have more than a few inspirational moments to yourself. And folks who see you will also be inspired.

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Our dealership believes strongly in the power of the 2021 Road King® Special. Its stretched saddlebags, mini-ape handlebars, and beautiful lighting all make for a witty and powerful ride each time you fire it up. Contact our sales team today to learn more about how we help you make the most of every feature on the Road King® Special. Our dealership is active in the community and a true part of the Harley-Davidson® legacy. We hope you’ll call soon to learn more about this model.