2022 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Tri Glide® in Rochester NH

2022 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Tri Glide® in Rochester NH

2022 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Tri Glide® in Rochester NH
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2022 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Tri Glide® Overview

The 2022 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Tri Glide® extracts up to 125 pound-feet of peak torque from the Milwaukee-Eight® 117 engine block. Featuring the proprietary Twin-Cooled design, this powertrain delivers slightly less than 110 net horsepower. Some important parameters that determine the engine’s output include a 4.075-inch bore and 4.5-inch stroke. Compressing fuel at 10.2:1, this signature engine incorporates the latest Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI) technology for precise and efficient combustion cycles. Featuring a slash-cut tip, the exhaust system has a 2-1-2 configuration for proper disposal of exhaust gases. Creating six distinct gear speeds, the standard automatic transmission incorporates a chain-driven primary drive that has a ratio of 34/46 during operation. The gear ratios for the transmission range from 3.157 to 10.534. Before you head out for an extended road trip, fill the motorcycle’s fuel tank with up to 6 total gallons. This reliable model offers an estimated cruising range of up to 240 miles. When you visit a service shop, you should request up to quarts of compatible motor oil for the Milwaukee-Eight® 117 engine block.

Thanks to several cornering technologies, this Harley-Davidson® model stays on course. For example, an enhanced anti-lock braking system (ABS) maximizes the force on the front and rear brakes as needed. You’ll get support from an enhanced electronic-linked braking functionality when leaning into curves and corners. Additionally, an enhanced traction control system maximizes the grip on all wheels.

The 2022 CVO™ Tri Glide® rides on a 49-mm front fork with a dual-bending valve for optimum flexibility. Thanks to a 32-degree fork angle, you’ll enjoy smooth handling. A 26-degree rake is another significant specification in terms of performance and comfort. An emulsion-type rear suspension system provides superb support for your ride on any paved surface. Having a trail of 3.9 total inches, this Harley-Davidson® model maintains proper balance on uneven terrains. You’ll clear the ground by 5.1 total inches when commanding this premium motorcycle on the streets. Some other noteworthy dimensions include a 65.7-inch wheelbase and 105.1-inch length.

The 2022 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Tri Glide® in Rochester, New Hampshire is equipped with a front tire that has the 130/60B19 M/C 61H rating and bias blackwall design. You’ll get the standard P215/45R18 83T rear tires for enhanced performance directly from the factory. These tires include a radial blackwall design for superb handling. Having the Dunlop branding, all tires on this model are known for their durability and versatility on any pavement. The front and rear wheels have the stylish Gloss Black and Contrast Clear Tomahawk for distinctive appeal on the road. You can also select the optional Gloss Black and Contrast Smoke theme for both wheels. Dual-floating rotors are installed on the motorcycle’s front brakes. You’ll get a fixed rear rotor on the rear brakes. Having a four-piston design, the 32-mm front calipers are fixed into position. A floating 36-mm parking brake is also standard on this Harley-Davidson® CVO™ model.

We sell the 2022 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Tri Glide® with the exclusive Boom!™ Box GTS infotainment console. Having a fully color interface, the 6.5-inch TFT monitor is easy to view during a ride. You won’t be bothered by the sun’s glare or other optical interference when looking directly at the crisp display in your natural line of sight. Adopting the exclusive Rockford Fosgate Series I branding, a four-speaker audio system entertains you during a trip. Generating 75 acoustic watts per channel, this premium sound system may also be synced with the Boom!™ Audio 30K Wireless Headset. As expected, this advanced headrest provides hands-free connectivity with a mobile phone. Depending on your smartphone, the headset will recognize certain speech commands. A USB interface is also available on this high-end Harley-Davidson® model.

You can buy the 2022 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Tri Glide® with attractive exterior accessories. Serving Rochester Farmington Dover New Hampshire, we can easily customize this motorcycle with parts from the signature Heated Kahuna Collection. For example, heated hand grips are available for enhanced comfort in the winter. A cover is available for the brake pedal for extra protection from harsh weather. Likewise, the Heated Kahuna Collection includes a muffler with caps. Of course, the passenger boards provide an extra level of ergonomics for your fellow companion.

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The 2022 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Tri Glide® in Rochester arrives at our showroom in the stunning Dante’s Red Fade body color. Such a premium paint looks great with other brilliant chrome accents. Serving Rochester Farmington Dover New Hampshire, our certified dealership has this model with a traditional trunk that holds up to 6.8 cubic feet of volume. We’re excited to showcase the model’s all-LED lighting for crisp and reliable illumination at night.