2022 Harley-Davidson® Freewheeler® in Rochester NH

2022 Harley-Davidson® Freewheeler® in Rochester NH

2022 Harley-Davidson® Freewheeler® in Rochester NH
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2022 Harley-Davidson® Freewheeler® Overview

Equipped with three wheels, the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Freewheeler® offers a comfortable ride with plenty of thrills. This Trike runs on the Milwaukee-Eight® 114 engine block that cranks out 122 pound-feet of torque at only 2,250 RPM per SAE J1349 guidelines. You’ll tap into slightly more than 90 net horsepower from the proprietary powerplant. Paired with a 6-gallon fuel tank, this signature V-Twin powertrain offers a cruising range of approximately 260 miles on the highway. A 1-gallon fuel reserve is also available to prevent sudden stops on the road. You should lubricate the patented engine with up to 5.0 quarts of the proper motor oil as specified by the manufacturer. Attaining a compression ratio of 10.5:1, the Milwaukee-Eight® 114 engine has a 4.5-inch stroke and 4.016-inch bore for optimum combustion. The Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection manages the mechanics of the fuel system on this three-wheel model. All exhaust gases go through the Shorty slash down-style muffler, which is covered in brilliant chrome.

The 2022 Harley-Davidson® Freewheeler® in Rochester, NH includes an automatic transmission system that makes six unique gear speeds for sporty handling. Driven by a conventional chain, the primary transmission component creates a first gear ratio of up to 10.534. When you shift into the second gear, you’ll downgrade to a ratio of 7.302. Other fixed gear ratios at hand include 5.423, 4.392 and 3.741. The sixth gear has a 3.157 ratio for the appropriate situations on the road. Featuring 10 total plates, a mechanically actuated clutch is integrated into the Cruise Drive gearbox. You’ll also get the wet Assist & Slip technology for seamless shifting on the go.

Serving Rochester Farmington Dover New Hampshire, we sell this 2022 H-D® motorcycle with a front fork that ensures a balanced and sporty ride. Having a 3.96-inch trail, this model measures 103 total inches in length. A 65.7-inch wheelbase contributes to superb balance on the road. Likewise, the 4.9-inch ground clearance minimizes damage to the chassis and other exposed components. You’ll enjoy an upright posture on the main seat, which has a laden height of 26.2 inches. A 26-degree rake certainly enhances the motorcycle’s overall balance at fast or slow speeds. Made of mild steel, the front swingarm ensures proper lateral and transverse stability during motion. Likewise, the main frame is made of mild steel for a good combination of rigidity and lightweight properties.

The 2022 Harley-Davidson® Freewheeler® rolls on a front tire that’s rated with the MT 130/60B19 M/C 61H specifications. This durable 19-inch tire includes the exclusive Dunlop Harley-Davidson® Series logo. Rated at P205/65R15, the rear tires have radial blackwall for superb durability and maneuverability. The 2022 Harley-Davidson® Freewheeler® in Rochester, NH rolls on the default Enforcer Cast Aluminum wheels. We’re excited to show off the model’s other installations, like the two floating rotors on the front wheel. Four fixed pistons with a 32-mm cross section are integrated into the front caliper. Each rear wheel is paired with a fixed rotor for excellent stopping power on any pavement. A floating 36-mm piston is incorporated into the standard parking brake.

We sell the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Freewheeler® with dual-halogen headlights that generate crisp and powerful beams in low-visibility conditions. When you turn on the low beam, you’ll get up to 625 lumens from the 55-watt lamp. If you activate the high beam, you’ll get 1,570 lumens from the 65-watt lamp. Serving Rochester Farmington Dover New Hampshire, we have this H-D® model with an incandescent stop lamps and turn signals.

Whether you’re heading for a long trip or short ride across town, you can easily transport items inside the motorcycle’s unique trunk. Having a storage capacity of up to 2 cubic feet, the patented trunk has a left-to-right opening mechanism for enhanced convenience on the road. You can easily fit two full-size face helmets inside the spacious trunk. This Trike also boasts bobtail-style fender and mini-ape bars for truly distinctive appeal. The passenger will appreciate the dedicated rear seat and elongated floor boards.

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When you take a tour of our Harley-Davidson® showroom, you should ask about the 2022 Freewheeler®’s mechanical components that improve stability. This three-wheel model includes an electronic-linked braking (ECB) system that ensures instant deceleration. As the name strongly implies, the classic traction control system (TCS) maximizes the grip in all wheels. With leverage from the Drag-Torque Slip Control System, this premium H-D® model resists skidding on paved surfaces. Thanks to the Corner-Enhancing Anti-Lock Brake System, the motorcycle easily conquers curved roads or ramps. An enhanced TCS and ECB provide additional cornering benefits for this stylish H-D® model. When you buy the 2022 Freewheeler® from our dealership, you will get a model that has a running weight of at least 1,118 pounds.