Harley-Davidson® Service near Farmington NH

Harley-Davidson® Service near Farmington NH

Harley-Davidson® Service near Farmington NH
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2021 Harley-Davidson® Overview

Harley-Davidson® Shop of Rochester has a team that’s made to handle the bumpy roads just like your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. Our priority maintenance and winter storage services keep your bike running smooth and healthy through the years. Serving Farmington New Hampshire hog owners with complete H-D® care, there are 4 certified technicians available at all times to tackle your Harley-Davidson® service near Farmington.

Priority Maintenance

In down-to-earth shops, you bring your bike in for maintenance. When you work with us, we come to you. Any Harley-Davidson® owner within 35 miles of our shop can count on pickup and delivery of your bike. Forget having to take time out of your day to bring your bike in for maintenance, repair, or detailing. We’ll zip away to you and return your bike back to you when we’ve completed a job well done. Priority Maintenance Plan members also get more than just pickup and delivery of their bikes. With this Harley-Davidson® service, you can count on: Complimentary wax and spray service with each job, Unlimited miles, 3 to 5 years of every factory-schedule maintenance service, Service Advisors. We have service advisors available to everyone in need of Harley-Davidson® service near Farmington. That means you can get in touch with knowledgeable H-D® lovers just like yourself who are employed solely to handle all your service questions. They know the inner workings of our First-rate H-D® motorcycle maintenance, repair, and detailing capabilities and can quickly get you the answers you need.

As good as these advisors are, they’re only there to explain the hall of fame technicians that are now serving Farmington New Hampshire. It’s their education, their love of the brand, that propels our Harley-Davidson® service near Farmington to the stellar reputation it deserves. In a modern era where everyone’s in a rush, our team is here to tackle the toughest repair issues or detailing job with a prompt but careful working. When you’ve got the H-D® brand as your guide, everything gets easier. True professionals know their job by heart and soul. It’s a second nature action to them that doesn’t require a step-by-step guide from a book and a few phone calls to get the job done. They already know their job and have won multiple awards in the area for it.

Every Service Available on Earth

If you can think up a service, that’s what we’re serving Farmington New Hampshire customers. Take a look at all we have to offer H-D® owners: Available Harley-Davidson® Extended Service Plan, Free warranty status check, 4 certified technicians ready to go to work for you, Factory-trained professionals, Detailing services, Pick up and delivery for all services, Accessory installs, Major repairs. Working with our team is easy, especially as you come to learn how reliable they are over the years. Each trip in (or pickup) will lead to an amazing level of satisfaction with their hard work. There’s no halfway done here. We aren’t satisfied until our customers are so happy with our service that they go out and tell others about it. You’ll quickly find that we have one of the best reputations in the industry. People love working with Harley-Davidson® Shop of Rochester.

Get Real Service FAQS

Don’t forget to check out our Service FAQS. This brief section answers some of a rider’s most important questions, including winterizing your bike or storing it properly, tire pressure information, and downloads for calibration. These brief but helpful answers to the most common service questions are a way for every customer to get closer to their bike and know more about what it takes to properly service an H-D® bike. It’s our hope that you’ll maybe find a few answers you need in this section. It will be updated frequently for those who need those quick answers to pressing questions.

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The Harley-Davidson® Shop of Rochester is always available to take care of your motorcycle’s most pressing needs. This is your central station for maintenance, professionally installed accessories, and repair. Harley-Davidson® bikes are well-known for their “hold up against anything” craftsmanship, but even the best bikes in the world need the help of a professional motorcycle mechanic once in awhile. To get this kind of professional care, just call or write to our dealership today.