Research 2021 Harley-Davidson® Pan America™ in Rochester NH

Research 2021 Harley-Davidson® Pan America™ in Rochester NH

Research 2021 Harley-Davidson® Pan America™ in Rochester NH
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2021 Harley-Davidson® Pan America™ Overview

Are you ready for off-road exploration like never before? Adventurers and thrill-seekers should definitely check out Harley-Davidson®’s all-new 2021 Pan America™. This is the flagship bike of Harley-Davidson®’s brand new Adventure Touring Motorcycle Series. It comes loaded with performance features that can make exploring new roads an unforgettable experience! The 2021 Pan America™ is a two-wheeled multi-tool that allows you to uncover what comes next after the pavement ends. In a class all its own, this motorcycle is all about dirt-road-defying power, cool-running speed, rugged-refinement, and awe-inspiring agility. It even comes equipped with an all-new maxed-out powertrain! This bike’s new Revolution® Max Powertrain has been aptly named after its ability to revolutionize the way you move. Only two H-D® motorcycles so far have been equipped with a Revolution® Max powertrain. Between these two bikes, the 2021 Pan America™ has a more powerful engine. Apart from the impressive new engine, the 2021 Pan America™ also comes with an array of refined off-road performance features. This is because Harley-Davidson® has partnered with both Michelin and Brembo to create this two-wheeled masterpiece of modern engineering. Then, the 2021 Pan America™ has a rugged yet contemporary design that creates a feeling of balanced capability and evolved off-road style. All in all, if you’re ready to explore your wanderlust and journey into the uncharted wilderness, this motorcycle may be well worth looking into!

Key Aspects of the Harley-Davidson® Pan America™:

  • Flagship Motorcycle of the Adventure Touring Series
  • Rugged Contemporary Appeal
  • Highly Functional Off-Road Powertrain
  • Revolution® Max 1250cc 60-Degree Engine
  • Premium Brembo ABS Brakes
  • New Michelin Sport Tires

All-New Liquid-Cooled Revolution® Max V-Twin Powertrain

Since 1909, Harley-Davidson®’s engineers have been working hard to master the art of the V-Twin engine. As such, they’ve put over 100 years into refining and redesigning every aspect of their V-Twin powertrains. It comes as no surprise then that Harley’s latest Revolution® Max V-Twin powertrain would be impressive in its own right. Key aspects of the all-new Revolution® Max Engine include a refined 60-degree vee angle, liquid-cooled functionality, 154 horsepower, 1250cc displacement, and 90 lb-feet of torque.

Contemporary Rugged Aesthetic

The aesthetic design of the 2021 Pan America™ is like nothing else out there. With a refined yet rugged look, this contemporary off-road motorcycle drips swagger and style. It’s somewhere between futuristic and backwoods with an evolved feeling that has been accentuated by its smooth lines and sharp angles. Without a doubt, this bike is ready to satisfy your cravings for cool-running wanderlust.

Setting the Standard Among Two-Wheeled Adventure Touring Machines

As the first-ever Adventure Touring Motorcycle that Harley-Davidson® has released, the 2021 Pan America™ is impressive in every way. After all, as a flagship motorcycle, it has to turn heads wherever it goes. First debuted in Milan, this gorgeous and capable performance motorcycle is loaded with innovative amenities and modern technology. It’s truly ready to help you explore nature like never before!

Take Advantage of True Off-Road Capabilities

No other Harley-Davidson® motorcycle offers the off-road power that you’ll find in the 2021 Pan America™. It’s not only powerful, but it’s also efficient. With its liquid-cooled V-Twin Revolution® Max engine, the 2021 Pan America™ can tackle rugged and uneven terrain. It runs smooth and steady no matter what the backroads throw at it. With nimble agility and responsive handling, you can easily tackle essentially any terrain. This means you’ll have an off-road touring experience like never before.

Harley-Davidson® Has Partnered With Brembo and Michelin to Engineer This Masterpiece

To craft a motorcycle that was ready for the wilderness, Harley-Davidson® pulled out all of the stops. By partnering with Brembo and Michelin, Harley-Davidson® was able to engineer this two-wheeled multi-tool to be adaptable, capable, and extraordinarily appealing to adrenaline junkies and wilderness adventurers alike.

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